Our foundation on sustainability

Sustainability is firmly embedded in our corporate DNA. It shows in the careful use of natural resources, long-term partnerships with equitable partners, and our responsibility for people along our value chains.

Our focus

We follow 3 principles to promote sustainability along our supply chains:

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    Reliable: We are a reliable, close partner for our customers and suppliers
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    Diverse: Our broad product range offers diverse added value in terms of sustainability
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    Responsible: With us, sustainable corporate governance is tangible

We promote sustainability projects in our value chains

Our products offer numerous opportunities for social and ecological projects in the raw material origin, such as our Shea Butter handcrafted from Ghana. In cooperation with our long-standing partner The Savannah Fruits Company, we were able to improve the daily working conditions for the women of the Jakpahi cooperative: Four innovative, closed shea roasters minimise harmful smoke and save 80 percent of CO2 emissions. A new tricycle helps the women to get from A to B quickly and safely. With the purchase of our handcrafted Shea Butter, ten cents per kilogram sold are invested in a sustainable project in the Jakpahi cooperative and beyond in the Shea Butter supply chain. Become part of the project now or start your own sustainable project together with us!

Products with added value

Our community-based product line features long-standing products from our range that have added value in terms of sustainability: they are traditionally used or produced and provide a fair income and a better standard of living for people in the countries of origin of the raw materials.

Where we stand and where we are going

Upcycling and our product range

Many of our products support the idea of upcycling – including nut oils, fruit kernel oils and protein flours. Every component of the raw materials is used in the production process and the surplus is used to create something new.

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"Since 1925, quality has been our responsibility to people and the environment. Ensuring this quality is one of our core competencies and a great motivation for us to make our supply chains more and more sustainable."

Ruth Hoffmann Sustainability

Promoting sustainable standards in our supply chains

We take our responsibilities seriously and are already working to meet the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. We identify social risks to eliminate human rights abuses, child labour and forced labour as a supplier and information provider to our customers.

Our certificates and memberships at a glance

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