21 Aug 2023

Sustainable Sesame cultivation in Uganda

The cultivation of sesame is physically demanding and is mostly done by hand. Primarily, it is the female smallholders who do most of the harvesting work and thus secure the income for their families.

Through many years of cooperation with our sesame supplier and partner in Uganda, we gain valuable impressions of the working methods on site. Regular exchanges and visits by our product managers also show us the challenges in cultivating sesame.

To facilitate the work of female smallholders in the fields, Henry Lamotte Oils supported the purchase of better working tools: in several cultivation areas in Uganda, female smallholders were equipped with a total of more than 2,000 hoes with wooden handles. We are pleased to work with our partner to promote agricultural practices in the raw material origin and contribute to a better way of working.

Read more about the project and how our sesame products promote sustainability in the raw material origin here.

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